Is it right to change the schedule before the start of the match


After coming to India, the Caribbean players stayed in Vadodara. Indian Board has also played a two-day match with XI. That match ended on Sunday. The Vadodara Cricket Association said that they will not have any problem in organizing the second ODI. The main reason for the match’s problem in Indore is a complex ticket. With the committee of ticket administrators of the complainant along with the Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association
According to reports of Dudu, the match between India and the West Indies will start in a few days. Before the start of the series, the schedule was about to face the difficulties of changing. According to the schedule, the second ODI was to be held in Indore. But instead it may be in Vadodai. This match was to be held on October 24. But a source from the BCCI suggests that this match can be changed from Indore to Barodai.
However, on Sunday, the association had informed the BCCI not to organize the match by e-mail. But the BCCI’s COA has replied that “5% stadium space will be given to the BCCI and 5% for the association and the remaining 90% will be given to the general public, no additional benefit will be given to anyone. Indore may not have the second Odi, it will be changed to Vadodara.