Objects that the NBA ended up banishing


The NBA seems to represent very often the paradise of all eccentricities but it is not so. Indeed, many very strict rules are to be observed and bans have been raining for years!

R Smith, this name may tell you something vaguely but for you to put it, we are talking about a NBA player famous for his few antics but also his association in Cleveland with LeBron James. With the “King”, he won an NBA title but is especially at the origin of some actions completely crazy especially during the last NBA Finals. But today, it makes him talk about him off the field because of his latest tattoo that has the logo of the mark “SUPREME” (see header). Thus, the basketball player will have to hide his tattoo on the parquets this season because the NBA apparently informed the player of the Cleveland Cavaliers that he would be fined every game if he played without covering his right calf. The NBA simply prohibits players from displaying commercial logos during league games. It remains to be seen if Smith will conceal his tattoo or go to the cashier. So, for those who think that the NBA only rhyme with cash, bling-bling and show-off, they are seriously wrong. Thanks or because of his former “Commissioner”, David Stern, the “National Basket League” has become an almost sanitized place where the slightest deviation from behavior and also clothing is immediately sanctioned. Thus, over the years, we have seen some objects being banned from entering the NBA stadiums. Beside Sport has counted 13 and presents them with the history of banishment that goes with it! On October 18, 1984, Michael Jordan entered the floor with red and black shoes, colors prohibited by the NBA. They will then be banned for a while but Nike created one of the most cult slogans: “On September 15, Nike created a new revolutionary basketball. On October 18, the NBA banned them on NBA parquets. Unfortunately, the NBA will not be able to stop you from wearing them. ” This range of shoes will be banned because it gave an advantage for the relaxation of an NBA player. Again, it is the brand that stands out as the best advertising for a shoe that boasts of better propulsion than the NBA can not accept this technology.