“People should be more respectful of PSG”


On the other side of the Channel, the football weekend was animated by a rumor sending Kylian Mbappé to Manchester City in January, against 225 million euros. To the surprise of Josep Guardiola … It’s the Sun on Sunday that made the buzz over the weekend elapsed across the Channel. The British tabloid evoked the possibility for Manchester City to enlist the highly courted Kylian Mbappé in January, to make the passage the most expensive new player in the history of the discipline, up to 225 million euros . As often in such cases, the sources are not mentioned, but the financial package mentioned was certainly achievable, provided that the English club decides to sell Raheem Sterling. Then Josep Guardiola, who prepares the match on the Hoffenheim lawn in the Champions League, was inevitably invited to react on the issue. “That will not happen, cut short the Catalan technician in a press conference, and sometimes I wonder where these rumors can come from.” Resigned and disillusioned by such nonsense, the former coach of Bayern Munich or FC Barcelona nevertheless sought to convince his audience why such a transfer was impossible. “Manchester City is not going to spend that money, and I suppose Paris Saint-Germain will not sell that guy to another club in the next few years, Kylian Mbappé will not come here and we will not try to transfer Raheem Sterling or any other player in our squad, “he explained. “People should be more respectful of PSG, respectful of Manchester City, PSG players, Manchester City players, …”, adds the England champion 2018. But these improbable rumors are also the daily and the the clubs that brew the most money, a flip side that can sometimes be boring but also a certain renown.