Samuel Ryder is not the man on the Ryder Cup


The Ryder Cup, event played every 4 years, has many secrets … and among them the identity of the person who sits on the lid of his prestigious secret! From September 28th to 30th, golf fans from all over the world will have their eyes riveted on the French National Golf Course where the 2018 Ryder Cup will be held. Third most important sporting event after the Summer Olympics and the Cup of the football world, the “Ryder”, as it is commonly said, is the dream of any professional golfer. By its team format, by its opposition between the Old Continent and the USA, by its exceptional visibility and also for its mythical trophy. This trophy, relatively classic, has its originality of the silhouette of the golfer who is on the lid. And if it seems normal that the man immortalized club in hand is Samuel Ryder, creator of the tournament, it is not so. Indeed, it is the private teacher Ryder, a named Abe Mitchell. The history of golf does not dwell on this character. Yet it is he who is pushing Ryder to sponsor what is today one of the most prestigious golf tournaments. Deciding to create the future Ryder Cup, Samuel Ryder ordered a 14-carat gold trophy at London’s Mappy & Webb Jewelry. At the top of the Cup, Ryder has Abe Mitchell represented. Ironically, Abe Mitchell suffered an appendicitis crisis at the first official meeting in 1927 at the Worcester Golf Club in Massachusetts. He has to withdraw and the British are beaten. A first for them!